AIRDROP Campaign

MenaPay giving out $1M to waves community.

Join our Whitelist and verify your email, follow our twitter and telegram channel in order to earn $5.

We will deposit 5 MPCT(MenaPay Community Token) to your waves wallet. And we will replace MPCT with $5 worth of erc-20 MPAY tokens after our ICO.

First come first served, MPAY tokens will be paid in application order.


  • One person can attend the campaign only once. Dublicate applications will be disqualified.
  • Campaign end date: 30.12.2018 You have to hodl minimum 1 waves until the airdrop ends.
  • From your first date of verifing your wallet, everyday there will be snapshot at 10 am (GMT +3) until the airdrop ends.
  • Airdrop is limited with 200 000 users.

Airdrop to waves holders
MenaPay AIRDROP Click here to start


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