On August 21st, we had the pleasure of welcoming a very special entrepreneur in Istanbul. Known for his work in crypto world, Brock Pierce enjoyed a lovely, sunny day with our team in Bosphorus and shared his opinions on MenaPay and blockchain. After Istanbul, MenaPay team and Brock Pierce travelled to Malta to explore blockchain opportunities.

After having a wonderful Istanbul tour, we hosted a private event in Malta with DQR to expand our network and introduce MenaPay. By activating the first DLT regulations, Malta has succeeded to position itself as a blockchain hub. It was a great experience for us to host an event like that in the heart of blockchain. Brock Pierce, here again, was our special guest. Although the weather has stopped us for a while, with that little delay we managed to arrive in Malta. In our cocktail party, Brock Pierce shared his experiences in blockchain and warmed the atmosphere with his joyful attitude.

With the participation of more than 90 people, there were especially family companies and authorities on making Malta a blockchain island. During the night, we have shared opinions and had the chance to discuss how MenaPay will be able to become a global player with the solutions it provides to the community of merchants, resellers and customers.

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