Beyond Blocks Summit
Seoul 2018


Our Business Development Director Burak Erdir attended Korea Blockchain Week. He had a very productive week in Korea filled with networking, culture and opinion sharing.

Korea is one of the countries who is supporting blockchain and cryptocurrencies with all their sources. Although they had announced that they were looking at crypto market cautiously at the end of 2017, they declared they would support blockchain services on March 2018. At the beginning of the July 2018 , they declared to support cryptocurrency and services interns of some investment.

In the event, our main aim was to mention the important problems of MENA region in order to receive and send money and how MenaPay aims to solve these issues with a blockchain based payment gateway. Most fascinating feature was definitely being Islamic compliant. We once made sure that MenaPay is solving a huge problem in the region. Daily lives of people in MENA will become much easier, faster and safer.

If you have questions regarding MenaPay, don’t hesitate to contact us and hopefully, we will see you in our next event!

Singapore Blockchain Summit 2018
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