Bahrain Central Bank


MenaPay brings the future to MENA region. With the mission of creating the biggest cashless society of the world, MenaPay takes the first step in Middle East and North Africa.

With a stable currency called MenaCash, MenaPay aims to cover all transactions and payments made in daily life both covering online and offline aspects. As a blockchain based payment gateway, MenaPay offers a secure, transparent and easy transaction process for both merchants and consumers. To make this mission possible, MenaPay introduces its’ solutions and opportunities to every possible partners in order to expand the network in the region.

On June 29th, Bahrain Central Bank board members and MenaPay board members including Barış Özistek, Oğuzhan Öztürk and Kazım Akalın got together at a meeting in Bahrain Central Bank building to discuss common future plans, possible partnerships and beneficial outcomes for the country and the community. In the meeting, the future of blockchain and the adaption of Middle East region were the highlight points which led the conversation to the solutions of MenaPay. Both sides agreed that a stable cryptocurrency would be able to solve the biggest issues of Middle East region such as slow cross-border transactions, usage of multiple currency and Islamic compliance issues.

Bahrain has a special interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain. It’s a huge financial market considering they have 500 different banks in the country. Their easy procedures in starting a company like zero tax policy especially helps technology startups to scale faster and better.

As MenaPay, we believe that Bahrain will be a promising market for us and therefore, we will keep expanding our network. If you want to hear more about us, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime you want.

Singapore Blockchain Summit 2018
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